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Surgical Treatments


After consultation, if the condition is straightforward, we may be able to start medical treatment straightaway, but sometimes further tests are required for a fully picture of what’s going on.


Below is a list of Diagnostic services we provide:

●    In house blood testing

●    Radiography

●    Dental radiography

●    Ultra-sound scanning

●    Endoscopy

●    Blood pressure monitoring

●    External laboratory services

●    Thermal Imaging (Click here for more information)


After examination and appropriate tests, your pet may require medical or surgical treatment.


Below is a list of Surgical treatment we provide:

●    Gold standard anaesthetic & sedation

●    Gold standard pain control - pre & post op.

●    Routine neutering

●    Superficial surgery

●    Invasive Surgery

●    Aftercare information


Longhope: 01452 830086

Hartpury: 01452 700086

Forest of Dean: 01594 826688

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