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Bitch Spay                                                                                             from £120 under 10kg to £220 over 40kg

Dog castration                                                                                       from £90 under 10kg to £190 over 40kg

Cat spay                                                                                                £65.00

Cat castration                                                                                        £42.00

Rabbit spay                                                                                           £90.00

Rabbit castration                                                                                   £65.00

Microchip                                                                                               FREE for dogs  £10.00 for cats

Post-neutering assessment and Suture removal                                  FREE of charge

Youth Club For Puppies & Kittens (up to 9 months)                             FREE of charge

Dental Assessments & Oral Hygiene Checks                                       FREE of charge

Weight & Dietary Advice                                                                       FREE of charge

Puppy Vaccinations - Course of two & full healthcare examination      £19.50                      Included FREE

Dog Vaccination Booster & full healthcare examination                       £14.50                      Included FREE

Kennel Cough Vaccination                                                                   £24.98                      Included FREE

Kennel Cough when given with Booster                                               £21.98                      Included FREE

Kitten Vaccinations - Course of two & full healthcare examination       £19.50                      Included FREE

Rabbit Vaccinations (Myxomatosis & VHD Vaccinayion Combined)    £45.00

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Price List

All treatment is with our experienced knowledgeable veterinary surgeons.

We supply a range of worming and flea products for dogs cats and rabbits.

A wide range of beds, toys, leads and other pet accessories always in stock.

We can also advise on pet insurance and pet nutrition for all life stages.


You can also join our Pet Health Club (PHC) to enjoy savings of up to 60% of typical annual care costs!

Click on Pet Health Club to see the full benefits.

Longhope: 01452 830086

Hartpury: 01452 700086

Forest of Dean: 01594 826688

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Pets Barn


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*Prices correct at time of submission (2/15) but may be subject to change at any time without prior notice

An additional fee will be charged for treatment on a Sunday

We supply Worming and Flea Products for Dogs Cats and Rabbits

A range of beds, toys, leads, training aids and other pet accessories stocked

We can also advise on Pet Insurance and Pet Nutrition for all ages and conditions


Our friendly and experienced staff really care about pets

Pet Health Club

Many of these procedures are either free of charge or discounted when your pet joins.

Pets Barn Price List