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Client's Pets


Pets Barn are pleased to include interesting news and photos of pets in your care.

Whether they have had ground-breaking surgery, are winners at a show or the pet that helps a disabled family member, we'd love to hear from you.


Please email your photo as jpeg file to mandy.williams@petsbarn.co.uk with some information about yourself, your pet and why you have submitted it and you could appear on our website.

Longhope: 01452 830086

Hartpury: 01452 700086

Forest of Dean: 01594 826688

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The first photo to appear is of Donna who is a 2½ year old Golden Retriever who has been specially chosen to breed puppies for Guide Dogs for the Blind. She is cared for brilliantly by Paul & Jonquil who bravely agreed to look after her on a breeding programme having never bred dogs before! You can see the results of her perfect puppies and hope you enjoy the photos. Thank you Paul & Jonquil and I'm sure you will get some sleep eventually!

Missey (Pat Dare's Patterdale)


Lakota - True success story of hydrotherapy


I have a beautiful solid blue long coat German shepherd puppy, Lakota.

Since 4 months old he sadly needed to have surgery on his elbow (anconeal process) and both knees (luxating patellas) although he had the one knee operated on the other will be done soon, he also has bad hips.

Lakota was referred to Splash Hydrotherapy to build his muscle and hopefully support his hips and knees.

I am working with Mary Meadows who is fantastic. Without my Vet and Mary I don’t know that we would have come so far. Lakota is coming on in leaps and bounds and I am thrilled. I love this brave puppy who is now almost 9 months.

I’ve watched this unfortunate puppy progress from a cripple to be able to run and play and enjoy his walks. We have a long way to go yet, but my lad now looks forward to his sessions twice a week that is priceless.

I am so pleased that Lakota has had the benefit of the hydrotherapy sessions.


From our lovely client, Holly

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