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Behaviour Advice


Animal Behaviourist Clinics can be arranged with Jodie Sterry at one of our practices, for problems with dogs, cats or other even rabbits and parrots.


Some behaviour may be caused or be initiated by a medical problem so you may be asked to bring your pet along to see a Vet before being referred to Jodie for therapy.


For example cats urinating in the house may be due to an infection in the bladder (cystitis) and some aggression may be due to chronic pain, eg arthritis or internal problems such as growths.


Typical behavioural problems that can be helped are:

•  Aggression

•  Destruction of Property

•  Separation Anxiety

•  Urinating/Defecating in the House

•  Running Off

•  Excessive Barking


It is amazing what people will put up from their pets possibly because they may think no help is at hand. It is also important not to think you are the only one with the problem, so please get in touch.


Some problems are training issues such as pulling on the lead. Don't feel that you have to put up with such problems, ask for help to sort them out.


So if you are having any behavioural problems with your pets please get in touch and talk initially with one of our vets or nurses.


To speak to Jodie Sterry direct please phone 07787 876 214 or 01594 834 202

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